YouTube star Corinna Kopf teases drastic makeover in new video

David Purcell

YouTuber Corinna Kopf appears to have changed her look dramatically after dropping an interesting teaser online, leaving fans wondering what’s to come in the near future. 

The popular internet personality has offered the biggest hint yet that a new makeover is on the cards, confirming that her hair has undergone a major change since she was last seen online.

Kopf has over 865,000 followers on Twitter and a further 2.8 million on Instagram, and her fans will be aware that she usually has blonde hair. Not no more, if a new post is to be believed.

corinnakopf, InstagramCorinna Kopf has built up a massive following on social media.

However, Kopf has maintained that fans are going to have to wait a little longer before they’re able to see it, hinting that a new video will not only give us a first-look, but also an explanation to boot.

The model posted a story on her official Instagram account and fired off a tweet on August 29, revealing the change has already happened. “Just cut my hair off! New video coming in the next few days,” she tweeted.

Many of her followers aren’t going to enjoy the wait for more details, though, as Kopf’s post was greeted by a number of responses urging her to bring the reveal video forward. “Omg I can’t wait,” one user tweeted, while another said: “Forget the video. DM me a photo. I need to see!”

As noted in that message, she’s given no official date for the release of the makeover video, although one thing can be seen as certain from the teasers – a change of some sort is about to be revealed.

If she has actually shaved her hair, we’re going to be seeing a very different Corinna Kopf moving forward, but fans will have to wait and see whether she’s trolling or not.

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