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xQc trolls enemy players after being stream sniped on Twitch

Published: 8/Dec/2019 13:41

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel trolled his opponents who were apparently stream sniping him in Rainbow Six Siege.

Many of the top livestreamers often have to put up with viewers who simply tune in their stream to gain an advantage when facing them in-game.

xQc has dealt with his fair share of stream snipers during his career, and when he realized that his opponents in Rainbow Six Siege were looking to do the same, he quickly shut them down.

xQc, TwitchxQc often has to deal with stream snipers while broadcasting games on his channel.

During his stream on December 7, xQc claimed that he was being stream sniped by an enemy player after watching a killcam where the opposing player perfectly predicted which door he would come from.

After xQc’s character was killed, he quickly thought of a way to troll the enemy and attempted to help his teammate who was left in a 1v1 clutch against the alleged stream sniper to decide the match.

While spectating his teammate, the Twitch streamer realized that he would be better off taking control of one of the cameras around the map and pointing it away from the action in case he was actually being stream sniped.

“F**k you, I know you’re watching.” the 24-year-old exclaimed, before standing up, cheering and jumping on his chair to put on a show for the opposing players.

“Yeah baby I know you’re watching, you’re loving this content,” he jeered, in an attempt to troll the supposed stream sniper.

Although it is unclear whether or not the opponent was actually watching the broadcast to gain an unfair advantage, xQc’s tactics may have played a factor as his teammate managed to get the best of the other player, clutching the match in overtime for the win.

xQc’s fellow streamer shroud also seems to be fed up with dealing with stream snipers and has even called out game developers to introduce countermeasures to stop it from happening so frequently.


Jake Paul claims Disney didn’t fire him after Bizaardvark controversy

Published: 26/Nov/2020 6:37

by Andrew Amos


Jake Paul has dismissed new claims he was fired by Disney back in 2017 during his stint on sitcom Bizaardvark, addressing the three-and-a-half-year-old controversy in a recent interview.

Jake Paul, while juggling his YouTube and Vine antics back in 2017, was fast-becoming one of Disney’s biggest stars. The then 20-year-old played Dirk Mann on the sitcom Bizaardvark for two seasons.

However, his stay on the set was cut abruptly short in June 2017. He parted ways with the project, and there was a mixed reaction.

Jake Paul on Bizaardvark
Craig Sjodin for Disney Channel
Jake Paul (far-right) played Dirk Mann on Bizaardvark for two seasons.

Back then, Jake Paul said that he and Disney “came to the agreement” to mutually part ways. However, others have claimed the star was fired over a series of controversies, including a news segment that saw neighbours complain about the then-Disney star.

Paul has rubbished those claims though. He doubled down on his initial statement three years ago, saying that he played along with the community sentiment as a joke.

“It’s funny because, for the last three years I’ve sort of ran with everyone saying, “Oh, he got fired,” just because I think it’s funnier to say, “I got fired by Disney,” but in reality it was a mutual decision to split from each other,” he told The Daily Beast.

The decision was purely a business one, according to Paul. He wanted more money, and Disney wasn’t offering it.

“They weren’t paying me enough. I was making millions more — per week — than I was on that show, and it was a mutual decision for us to split up,” he added.

“Everyone I worked with on that show was fantastic, but from a business standpoint it didn’t make sense. I was aging up and wanted more money.”

Jake Paul poses in a car for an Instagram photo
Instagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul has managed to grow his career despite his Disney exit in 2017.

Jake Paul has since gone on to grow his career on YouTube, even expanding into boxing the likes of AnEsonGib on a Mike Tyson card, something the younger Paul brother said was the highlight of his life.

However, the real reasoning behind his parting with Disney will always be questioned.