xQc trolled by Spotify with his Wrapped song of the year

Jacob Hale
side by side image of the Spotify logo with xQc looking shocked on stream

On November 29, Spotify users around the world started to receive their Spotify Wrapped, an annual event whereby those who use the music streaming service receive a playlist and a fun video to explain their music-listening journey throughout the year — and it immediately outed Twitch streamer xQc when he opened his Spotify Wrapped.

While there are alternatives like Apple Music, Spotify is the more dominant music streaming platform and for that reason, getting your Spotify Wrapped is a very exciting time.

You get to see which songs, artists, and genres you listened to most throughout the year, as well as the amount of minutes you spent listening and more.

When Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel opened his live on stream, though, he probably didn’t expect to be trolled in quite the fashion he did over his number one song.

xQc’s number one song on Spotify Wrapped

While going through his custom Spotify Wrapped video, it finally got to the part where it listed his most popular songs.

“You played 2,754 songs in 2023, and there was one that really connected,” the message read — as Blink 182’s iconic 2003 hit ‘I Miss You’ played in the background. It is a song that singer Tom Delonge has said is about “the vulnerability and kind of heart-wrenching pain you feel when you’re in love and when you’re a guy and you’re trying to tell a girl, ‘Don’t waste your time coming and talking to me because, in my head at least, you probably already gave me up a long time ago.'”

His chat immediately started spamming “emo” as xQc made a face at the camera, while others said it “exposed” him or that he’s “not beating the allegations.”

Other comments suggested that it’s kind of fitting after the “year xQc had,” perhaps referencing his unceremonious split from ex-girlfriend Adept, which has been a long and drawn-out commotion that seems not to ever fully die down.

He laughed it off after and obviously wasn’t bothered by it, but his viewers definitely found it hilarious and didn’t hesitate to make jokes at his expense.

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