xQc gets channel age-restricted while live on Twitch

xqc age restricted

Twitch’s largest streamer, xQc, is no stranger to controversy, but a random age restriction on his channel seemingly came out of nowhere.

Late on July 11, xQc tweeted at YouTube alerting them he had lost the ability to post videos to his channel for two weeks. He claimed the strike he received was unjustified and requested a manual review.

YouTube responded and stated they would forward his issue to the relevant team, but no updates regarding his YouTube channel have been given.

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Now, xQc is facing another dilemma on a different platform. His channel on Twitch – where all of his content is generated – has been age-restricted forcing viewers to input their date of birth before watching his stream.

xQc age-restricted while live

xqc age restricted twitchxQc (Twitch)
When first entering xQc’s channel, viewers now have to enter their date of birth.

Nearly 16 hours into his stream on July 12, xQc was alerted by his chat that they were being forced to enter their age before viewing his stream. A message would appear when first clicking on the stream stating viewers “must be 19 to view this content”.

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Confused, xQc asked “what the f**k is this? I’ve never seen that before.” The age restriction came during a segment of the stream where X was creating music using FL Studio.

A user making music with X stated it would make sense if it appeared during a gambling stream, but xQc stated, “I’ve never had this or put this on. Apparently, it’s not on any other streams. It’s only mine. I feel like I’m being beta tested on.”

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Viewers theorized that the age restriction was due to his frequent gambling as 19 is the legal age at which you can gamble in most provinces in Canada.

Others thought the restriction was a result of a beat made earlier on stream that featured the use of gunshot sound effects. xQc stated, “I’m making the beat of America” before using the gunshot sounds multiple times.

Other than the prompt when opening the stream, the repercussions of being age-restricted are unknown. This could affect the ads available to his channel like on YouTube, or it could be nothing more than a minor inconvenience to viewers.

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We will keep an eye on this story and provide updates if and when more information is made available.

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