xQc and Buddha almost kicked out of NBA game because of Jack Nicholson’s nephew

Instagram: xQc/Twitch: Buddha

In a recent stream, Buddha revealed how he and xQc were almost kicked out from an NBA game due to a misunderstanding between them and players from the Memphis Grizzlies. 

xQc and Buddha are no strangers to getting into some trouble, usually in GTA’s NoPixel that is. However, it seems their antics may have almost gotten kicked out from the NBA game between the LA Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies. 

In a stream after the game, Buddha talked about how munch him and xQc enjoyed the game, only to talk anecdote about how they were almost booted from the stadium. 

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Looking at a photograph from the game, Buddha talked about how they sat next to some very famous people. Ray Nicholson, Jack Nicholson’s son, and Jack’s nephew. Buddha then explained how Jack’s nephew was yelling at the Memphis Players consistently throughout the game. 

“They were talking so much shit to the Memphis bench like he just kept going at Dillion Brooks “oh you’re going to China, you’re going to China” all this s***, he was yelling at the refs and the coach” Buddha said. 

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It was after the s***talking that one of the security guards came up behind both xQc and Buddha telling them the Memphis players wanted them kicked out for the trash-talking. But the guards weren’t going to do that, but were told they needed to “calm down”. 

To which Buddha said they both replied in confusion. “We were like, what the f*** are we doing bro? We chilling.” It was after approaching them that they approached Nicholson to calm down as well. 

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As Buddha explains, “what happened was is that [Ray Nicholson] was talking so much s*** that I’m pretty sure the Memphis bench knew they couldn’t kick [Ray Nicholson] out, and they thought we were all boys cause we were chatting up the whole time, so to try to get at this motherf***er, they tried to kick us out.”

Luckily for the streamer pair, Nicholson is apparently a pretty chill guy. “Bro, he knew everybody” he said. “And he had our back which is sick as f** when the guys tried to kick us out. Like he siad, “no, no, no why you trying to kick these guys out? These guys did nothing at all this game, they were just chilling.””

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“That was a W mans” Buddha said of Nicholson.

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