NBA star Anthony Davis shocks xQc with Twitch subs after Lakers game

xQc in white shirt alongside Anthony Davis in black and yellow hoodie shooting basketballTwitch: xQc/Flickr: Erik Drost

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left a bit stunned after Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis decided to gift him some subs after the pair met at an NBA playoff game. 

Over the last few years, Twitch has become increasingly more mainstream, with many celebrities getting involved in their own way. 

Some, like Soulja Boy and Doja Cat, have gone all in and streamed themselves playing games for hours on end. Though, there are others that just prefer to remain as viewers and watch content creators do their thing when it comes to games. 

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That, naturally, means the two will mix. It happened most recently with xQc, Buddha, and Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis after the two streamers attended game four between the Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies. 

Anthony Davis gifts xQc Twitch subs after meeting at Lakers game

While xQc and Buddha almost ended up getting kicked out because Jack Nicholson’s nephew was trash-talking the visiting Grizzlies, they did have an interaction with Davis as they sat courtside. 

The NBA champion decided to reciprocate the love by showing up to xQc’s April 25 stream and dropping some gifted subs. “Wait, is he in chat? No shot!” the streamer said, slightly stunned by Davis’ appearance in the chat. 

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“Yooo, it’s actually him! You’re f*cking crazy dude.” The former Overwatch pro added that he had the “time of his life” at the game, and thanked Davis for everything.

The power forward dropped 25 gifted subs on xQc, which equates to about $150, so it’s not even a dent on the $40 million he’s making for playing for the Lakers this season. 

Davis has dabbled in Twitch himself, jumping into GTA RP at a few points. So, maybe we’ll see him make a return and bring xQc with him at some point.

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