Dr Disrespect cosmetics officially added to NBA 2K23

dr disrespect nba 2k23 basketball headerDr Disrespect / 2K Games

Dr Disrespect’s iconic wardrobe is officially confirmed to be included as cosmetic options for player-created avatars in 2k Games’ upcoming NBA 2K23.

Streamer and influencer Dr Disrespect has had his likeness in many different games, from Escape from Tarkov to World of Tanks Blitz.

The content creator is also well-known as an avid fan of the NBA, making his next game collaboration a perfect fit.

Now, Dr Disrespect is officially confirmed to be a part of 2K Games’ next sports title, NBA 2K23, where players can earn themed cosmetics based on his iconic attire.

Dr Disrespect NBA 2K23 cosmetics

Dr Disrespect himself tweeted out a tease that he would be involved in the game, through a cryptic tweet that said, “Hearing a lot of rumors about the Two-Time. Never the less, see you in game tomorrow…literally.”

Shortly after he tweeted out this tease, fans with access to NBA 2K23 began sharing early screenshots of the streamer’s collab.

When NBA 2K23 releases on September 9, 2022 players can earn the “Dr Disrespect Black Steel Mullet + Headphones” cosmetic items in the game’s MyCareer mode.

To unlock these items, players need to reach Level 8. However, these aren’t the only Dr Disrespect-related items in MyCareer mode.

At Level 20, players can unlock the “Dr Disrespect Prototypes” which are sports shades modeled after the streamer’s own iconic sunglasses.

Finally, at Level 32, players can unlock the “Dr Disrespect Showtime Vest,” accurately modeled on the trademark red tactical vest.

With all of these items, players can customize their avatar in MyCareer mode to dress exactly like Dr Disrespect and pull off some impressive skills just like he does.

While Dr Disrespect isn’t the only influencer collaborating with 2K Games to get included in NBA 2K23, it sure seems as though the developer went all out representing The Doc’s iconic look.