xQc predicts Twitch will make $100m from controversial sub split changes

Twitch on mobile and laptop

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has estimated the mind-blowing amount that Twitch will make from its new subscription revenue splits.

Twitch is set to introduce some revenue changes that’ll be a huge blow to the top creators on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

For some time now, the biggest streamers on Twitch have been given better revenue splits, with those generally in the top 1% receiving 70/30 split from subscriptions instead of the typical 50/50 split.

However, from June 2023 that is set to change, as streamers will only receive the first $100,000 of sub revenue at the 70/30 split, with any revenue afterwards coming in at the regular 50/50 split.

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Streamers will lose a significant amount of their regular income, while Twitch will gain. Now, xQc has worked out exactly how much they’ll make.

xQc estimates how much Twitch will make from new sub split

In his September 28 stream, ‘the Juicer’ got on the topic of the site’s new revenue changes, where he noted that he was surprised by Twitch’s decision.

xQc then asked his chat for a list of the most subscribed streamers on the platform, where he then opened up a calculator to do some math.

After a few calculations, where he estimated how much other top creators make, the Twitch star eventually concluded the company will be pocketing an additional $86M.

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Admitting that the math is slightly off, xQc claimed his calculations are still decently accurate. “Okay, the math is off, but its not that bad. In my opinion, the math I just did is pretty decently accurate,” he said.

“It’s not fantastic, but it’s not bad either,” he added, before later concluding that the amount is actually closer to $100M.

The recent revenue change announcement came alongside some insight into how much it actually costs for Twitch to operate.

Despite the community calling for the exclusive 70/30 split to become the norm across the site, in a blog post on September 21 they detailed why it simply isn’t feasible.

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According to the platform, live video costs for a 100 CCU streamer who streams 200 hours a month are more than $1000 per month — noting that hosting is a huge overhead cost for Twitch.

Fans are hopeful the extra money will go towards improving the site and the streaming community as a whole.