Twitch streamers to take pay cut with Prime Sub payout changes

Dylan Horetski
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Some Twitch streamers are going to see a slight decrease in pay on the platform after Prime Sub payout changes were announced by the company.

Over the last few years, Twitch‘s free Prime Sub has been one of the primary ways that viewers can support streamers without having to spend an extra five dollars a month.

As a perk through Amazon’s Prime subscription, viewers get a free sub a month and that streamer splits the money 50/50 with Twitch.

Until now, that is, as Twitch CEO Dan Clancy has announced a change in how they’re paying out creators who have Prime Subs being used on their channel.

Twitch Prime subs move to fixed rate pay

Much like current sub payouts, which use a fixed-rate pay scale that adjusts how much is earned according to each country, Prime Subs will soon do the same.

Alongside the fixed rate, Twitch will no longer split the sub-earnings 50/50 with streamers. However, it’s not a massive change for most small streamers.

Those in the US will receive just $2.25 per sub when the change is made, a 25-cent decrease from what is paid to creators now.

Twitch Prime Gaming banner
Given how Twitch is currently owned by Amazon, users can get their hands on a Prime Gaming subscription with Twitch.

Clancy shared his thoughts on the change, mentioning that it won’t be a huge change in pay for most streamers.

“For most streamers, this change will not have a major impact on their revenue. While any decrease will feel disappointing, the difference between what streamers receive today for a Prime Gaming subscription and what they will receive after the change to fixed rates is less than 5% in the vast majority of countries,” he said in the blog post.

Creators with hundreds of monthly prime subs from their community, especially those earning a 70/30 revenue split through the Partner Plus program, may see a slight difference in their revenue, but it’s unlikely to be noticeable for many.

With 10 Prime Subs, for example, streamers will lose $2.50 a month in revenue.

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