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xQc parts ways with Sentinels amid rumors of joining new org

Published: 27/Aug/2020 2:25

by Brad Norton


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has decided to part ways with esports organization Sentinels amid rumors of the former Overwatch professional inking a new deal elsewhere.

Boasting over three million followers on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, xQc has rapidly blossomed into one of the most popular personalities on the internet. The former Overwatch League talent rarely misses a day of going live, whether he’s playing the latest games or even just competing in chess tournaments.


While he signed to North American esports organization Sentinels in February of 2019, the content creator has now parted ways with the brand. After an 18 month stint with the org that backs Fortnite world champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, and even xQc’s old Overwatch competitor Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won, the star is now without a team to represent.

This timing of this departure comes just weeks after rumors that the streamer would be joining a different organization in the esports industry.

xQc leaving Sentinels
Sentinels agreed to release xQc so that he could pursue new opportunities.

The Sentinels have granted a request for release to variety streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel,” an August 26 update reads. This release has come into effect “immediately” so that the Twitch star is able to “pursue new opportunities.”

This announcement came alongside a three-minute video that compiled some of xQc’s highlights with the organization. From his on-stream jersey reveal to watching Bugha win esports player of the year, and even a few hilarious fails thrown in for good measure.

Sentinels maintain active rosters across Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and more. They even run an Overwatch League team in the Los Angeles Gladiators. But where does this leave xQc? Only time will tell, though signs point towards the streamer finding a new home right away.


As one of the most successful creators on Twitch, countless orgs would inevitably be knocking on his door. However, he may not even have to go through the process of a bidding war as xQc has already been linked to another North American team. Luminosity Gaming recently announced the signings of Harley ‘Mrfreshasian’ Campbell and Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins. First mentioned in a since-edited article by The Hollywood Reporter, we may already know xQc is next in line.

While nothing is yet official, an announcement of xQc’s new home could be imminent. As he looks to pursue new opportunities, it’s unlikely that he remains without a team to represent for too long.

At the time of writing, xQc is yet to comment on his departure from Sentinels. We’ll be sure to update this article as new information comes to the surface.


Overwatch devs make Elon Musk’s dreams come true by buffing Torbjorn

Published: 14/Oct/2020 3:20 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 3:21

by Michael Gwilliam


UPDATE (October 13, 7PM PT): Mere hours after Elon Musk confirmed that his Overwatch main was Torbjorn, the Overwatch developers released a video showcasing a newly buffed version of the Damage hero, per his request.

Elon Musk asked for a buff to Torb’s turret and that’s exactly what he got. In the same day that his main hero was made public, the Overwatch team fulfilled his requests and gave Torb one of his biggest buffs to date in a hilarious bite-sized clip.


The video shows Torb’s deployable turrets soaring off the ground. Three of them remained floating in the sky all at once, blasting down any foe that dared to step out on the moon.

It’s no secret that tech billionaire Elon Musk plays video games, but on October 13, he shocked the internet when he revealed his Overwatch main and how he would buff the hero.


After making a rather random tweet about the “The Illuminaughty” – a clever play on words, YouTuber twomad asked the 49-year-old if he mains Torbjorn in Overwatch.

Regardless of how the weird topic got started, Elon replied saying “um… yes” confirming he does in fact play Blizzard’s hero-based FPS and mains the Swedish engineer.

The unlikely response earned Musk a whopping 26,000 likes. For much of Overwatch’s lifespan, Torb was considered a bit of a joke or throw pick who offered very little benefit on attack.


However, after a major rework, the DPS has grown increasingly stronger and is actually one of the most viable heroes in the game at all levels right now.

Sadly, Musk didn’t state how long he had been playing Overwatch or Torbjorn for that matter, so it’s possible that he had only played when the hero wasn’t as good or only after the big rework happened.

Even the official Overwatch Twitter account decided to get in on the fun and replied to Musk with a picture of a giant Torbjorn turret on Mars.


“We’ve been thinking about this for a while,” they captioned the humorous picture. “Call us.”

Furthermore, Musk went on to explain how he would buff Torbjorn and the ideas were interesting to say the least. “Please buff Torb’s turret!” he exclaimed. “Or maybe 2 weak turrets to allow more strategic degrees of freedom.”


It was certainly an interesting reply and a sign that we could be looking at one of the most ambitious crossovers in history if Overwatch takes Elon up on his idea.

Though it’s unlikely that we’ll see Musk’s ideas make it to the game, but there’s always the Experimental Mode, so it’s possible Elon could end up getting his wish.

Who knows – maybe next time you’re in a game and a player won’t swap off Torb, it may be Elon Musk of all people.