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xQc makes small Twitch streamer’s Christmas by buying them a wheelchair

Published: 23/Dec/2021 6:50 Updated: 23/Dec/2021 10:40

by Andrew Amos


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been giving back to his community this Christmas, but for one streamer, he saved her life. Twitch streamer ‘anthemofthedead’ had their dream come true when xQc bought her a wheelchair, helping her overcome her disability and making her Christmas.

Sometimes the holiday season can be tough, especially for those who are struggling with health issues and other life problems. However, one small gesture can turn things right around.

For Twitch streamer ‘anthemofthedead’, her dream was to get a wheelchair for Christmas. The 21-year-old, who suffers from fibromyalgia and polyarthralgia, lives in “constant pain”, having not been able to go outside or walk around her home without a cane since she was diagnosed.


That dream was made true by Twitch’s king streamer xQc, who was giving away presents to viewers on stream.

After getting the attention of the French-Canadian Twitch star, he gifted Anthem a “nice wheelchair” worth $500 on her Amazon wishlist, as well as a $300 ergonomic gaming chair to help her while she is streaming.

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@anthemofthedeadXQC BOUGHT ME A WHEELCHAIR im overwheled with all the support thank youXQC ##xqc ##fyp ##xqclips ##wheelchair ##streamer ##XQCL♬ original sound – Anthemofthedead

It is a small gesture for xQc, who has earned millions on the platform. However, for Anthem, it meant the world because of how much it opens up her life.

“I don’t really talk about my disability a lot. It’s very painful, every waking moment I’m in pain. Medication might calm it down a little bit, but the pain is always there and it continuously got worse,” she explained on stream.


She made a clip of her getting the wheelchair, which went viral. However, the wheelchair she got wasn’t the one xQc wanted to send originally: he wanted to go bigger and better, but Amazon wouldn’t ship it.

“I felt bad because that wheelchair looks like a nice wheelchair ⁠— the one that I bought ⁠— but the one I wanted to buy that didn’t ship, it looked like it would go [fast]. It looked f**king nuts. That sh*t looked wicked,” he laughed.

That wasn’t the end of the presents. A random xQc viewer also gifted Anthem a $300 gift card to spend on whatever she needs. It brought her to tears, with the Twitch streamer pouring out her heart to Lengyel’s community ⁠— something she’s been a part of for years.


“This makes up for everything horrible that’s happened all year. If it wasn’t for y’all I wouldn’t be here because it’s really difficult to deal with this,” she said.

“I’ve been watching xQc for about two years and that was the most wholesome moment ever. I’m glad this happened to me and I hope he can help out more people in the community ⁠— I’m just shocked.”

She finished off by telling her own Twitch community to never take things for granted: “Just be grateful for your health. I never cherished it when I had it. It just took one day, I just woke up and I was in pain and I never stopped feeling that.


“It’s moments like these I’m grateful I stayed alive. I will never forget this moment.”