xQc loses it after watching banned episode of Pokemon anime: “Oh my fu**ing god”

Eleni Thomas
xQc Pokemon header

xQc has reacted to the now-banned episode of Pokemon that triggered epileptic seizures across Japan, with the content creator visibly concerned and horrified by the clip and its intensity of it.

While Pokemon may be one of the most beloved Anime series of all time, the show has still found itself in the middle of controversy over the years. One of the biggest being an old episode of the show that was canceled after the bright lights and colors of one seen were flagged as triggering epilepsy.

The episode in question dates all the way back to the first season of the show. In December 1997, an episode of Pokémon aired in Japan, causing tens of thousands of children to reportedly experienced seizures.

After this, the episode was banned and the show went on a four-month hiatus as a result. However, Pokemon was able to recover and has now become the phenomenon we know today.

xQc reacts to banned Pokemon anime episode

In his recent Twitch stream, content creator xQc decided to watch a clip of the infamous episode and give his thoughts and reactions on the moment. The clip just focuses in on his face, however his reactions paint a very clear portrait of what he thinks.

xQc immediately recoils from the screen, shouting “omg” multiple times before then shouting “oh my fu**ing god.”

The colors can be seen reflected off of his face, with xQc looking shocked and gobsmacked at the moment. After watching, he then takes a moment to compose himself before he then continues with the rest of his stream. “That was insane” he said.

However, his reaction proves once again why the episode was banned and just how damaging it could have been and was to young children int eh late 1990s.

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