xQc had an interesting reaction after being hosted by another streamer

Bill Cooney

Regular viewers of Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s Twitch stream know to expect the unexpected, like when the former Overwatch pro got hosted unexpectedly and had to “shave off some viewers.”

While playing an Overwatch match on Junkertown the streamer receives an unexpected host and xQc tells his new viewers “Yo, I’m sorry guys this is not the content you’re here for.”

“The viewers that have been in chat, you’re all lovely, but I’m fucking tilted, I’m going to do what we call ‘normie shaving’, I’m deeply sorry boys, I’m going to shave a little bit of viewers,” the streamer told his stream before he started to blow into his microphone.

His streaming partner/Youtube editor/partner in crime Moxy chimed in, “Maybe some viewers didn’t get that frequency, let me try mine,” before blowing into his mic as well.

How many viewers were chased off by this “viewer shaving” technique isn’t known, but the ones that stuck around definitely got a classic xQc welcome.

Besides Overwatch, xQc has also been streaming some of Call of Duty’s Black Ops 4 Blackout battle royale mode, and reacting to it pretty much the way you’d expect.

Even though he left the Overwatch League midway through the Inaugural Season, xQc is still competing with Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup and will be with the team at the BlizzCon Finals in November.