Seagull explains why Doomfist is so strong in Overwatch right now

Overwatch streamer and former pro player Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned has explained why Doomfist is now a “meta” hero.

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Heroes that are considered “meta” are those that are most prevalent in competitive play, particularly at the highest ranks.

A variety of factors can affect which heroes are in-meta at any given time, from their raw power based on game balance to how they interact with other heroes and compositions that are also prevalent.

Though Doomfist is among the more popular heroes as a character, when it comes to in-game strength he’s rarely been one of the top DPS picks since his release.

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During Season One of the Overwatch League, for instance, Doomfist saw very limited play. He was usually only seen as a stalling tactic or a desperation play, with the exception of very few DPS players, such as LA Gladiators’ João Pedro ‘Hydration’ Goes Telles, who incorporated him into their active hero pool.

As the meta has evolved in the off-season, however, Doomfist has become more and more popular even at the highest levels of ranked play, where players will settle for nothing less than optimal where possible.

During a recent stream, Seagull explained the chain of meta changes that led to Doomfist’s surge in popularity.

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It began when the near omni-present “dive” compositions began to fall out of favor following the release of Brigitte. They were largely replaced by tank-heavy “death-ball” compositions, allowing Doomfist to play to his strengths more.

The Overwatch meta can often be influenced by professional play, as the players competing at the highest level discover and demonstrate the most effective heroes and strategies. With the Overwatch League in its off-season, the next test of how the current state of the game plays out in a pro play environment will be the Overwatch World Cup playoffs, which will take place at BlizzCon on November 2-3.

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