xQc had some strong words for VR Chat streamers

Former Overwatch League player xQc shared his thoughts about the majority of VR chat streamers on his stream on October 7th.

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“People saw [Pokelawls] become a bigger stream with [VRchat] so they try to imitate and leech off of it, but it’s all just kinda cringe and not funny and kinda dogshit,” xQc said.

Variety streamers like Poke are always looking for the next big game that will help grow their channel, but the difference for xQc is that Poke’s content was original, while the streamers who followed are just trying to copy his success.  

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“Most Poke clips were really funny, and then everyone went to his room, they all sniped him,” he continued.

“It was forced interaction… the whole point of it being funny is that they are on their own and shit. You are ruining the whole purpose by trying to be a part of it. Fuck off dude.”

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Clips like this are exactly why xQc was never going to mesh with Blizzard’s strict guidelines for Overwatch League players.

He is brash and outspoken on stream, and those same traits that made him popular on Twitch, earned him multiple suspensions from the league before he was eventually released from the Dallas Fuel.