xQc gets instant karma after claiming he was “rolling” horror game

Kamil Malinowski
Blizzard / Puppet Combo

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel received some instant karma after claiming that he was “rolling” indie horror game The Night Ripper.

xQc is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, drawing in thousands of viewers thanks to his exciting variety of content and entertaining rants. Felix started off streaming Overwatch as he played the game professionally, but exploded in popularity after his retirement.

He often gets cocky when things start to go well in new games, but this time he was punished for it almost immediately, and as it turns out, he wasn’t “rolling” it at all.

xQc is one of the biggest Twtich streamers in the world.

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The Canadian was trying out indie horror game The Night Ripper during a stream on December 23. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until he got a little too confident – at which point, it all went downhill.

“Holy sh*t, we’re rolling this game, we’re slapping it” he exclaimed as he attempted to cross between two rooftops. As he was halfway through his character dropped their purse, losing some important keys and setting the ex-Overwatch pro back.

Unsure what to do, xQc tried to look for his keys, starting down the side of the building. However, he hilariously managed to make things even worse – creeping too close to the edge and tumbling down to the ground below to his death and losing a significant amount of progress he had made.

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His chat absolutely loved it, spamming laughing emojis and mocking him as he was hit by some instant karma. Meanwhile, the Canadian just uttered a confused “What?”

He then had to restart after losing so much of the ground he had made up while playing, and unsurprisingly did not end up lasting much longer in the game as he failed to progress, likely regretting being so cocky earlier on. Don’t expect the streamer to change though, and you can guarantee he’ll be back boasting about how good he is at games in the near future.