WWE star Roman Reigns mysteriously banned from TikTok

Connor Bennett
Roman Reigns posing with WWE championship side-by-side with screenshot of banned TikTok account

WWE superstar Roman Reigns has, mysteriously, disappeared from TikTok with his account now showing an ‘account banned’ message. Here’s what we know. 

When TikTok first started life as a platform for artists and other creatives, it spawned a wave of brand-new internet stars. Though, over time, plenty of mainstream names have made their way over there.

Now, whenever you load up TikTok, you’re probably going to come across a famous face that you recognize. The likes of Britney Spears, Ed Sheeran, and Selena Gomez are consistently posting on the short-form video app for millions of fans.

One person you won’t see, at least temporarily, is WWE star Roman Reigns – real name Joe Anoaʻi. The long-time WWE Champion has had his account banned for some reason, and fans can’t quite believe it. 

Why was Roman Reigns banned on TikTok?

That’s right, The Tribal Chief’s account – which previously had over 1.3 million followers – disappeared out of the blue on July 5 and was hit with an ‘account banned’ message. 

This is different from permanently deleted accounts which show a different message, leading to speculation as to why it’s disappeared. 

With those longer bans, TikTok typically reveals which guideline an account has broken, but that hasn’t happened here. As a result, Reigns’ ban likely came as a result of one of his wrestling highlights being flagged for violence. Yes, it might not be real, but it can still be flagged for simulated violence. 

As noted, plenty of professional wrestling fans have chimed in on the ban, with many referring to the poor time Reigns has had in the ring now extending to social media. 

“Pinning Roman Reigns wasn’t enough. Jey Uso had to get him banned from Tiktok too,” joked one. “TikTok no longer acknowledges him,” said another. “Nothing going right for the Tribal Chief at the moment!” added another. 

Given it doesn’t appear to be a permanent ban, his account will likely return to normal before long, so WWE fans will be able to get their fix again.

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