Women goes viral after joke about marrying her stepdad gets out of hand

Connor Bennett

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after claiming that she married her own stepdad, but it appears to be a big joke that the internet isn’t quite in on. 

Even though it started life as a platform that was geared towards creatives and artists, TikTok has become home to pretty much every corner of the internet at this point. 

As such, we’ve seen plenty of stories about people’s relationships go viral at this point. No one will forget the Couch Guy incident in a hurry, and there are TikTokers being used by their friends to investigate if their partner is cheating on them.

However, christywho_’s posts have caught the eye of millions of users after her post indicated that she’s married her stepfather. Though, that doesn’t appear to be the case, and TikTokers are quite sure what to believe. 

TikToker baffles viewers after joking about marrying her stepdad

The TikToker revealed the story on February 28, when she uploaded a clip of her and her partner getting married in Las Vegas. 

“Marrying my step dad was the best decision I’ve ever made,” Christy posted on-screen as the pair embraced, while also using the hashtag #MarryYourMomsEx to really hammer things home. 

However, while the clip has racked up around 20 million views and left countless TikTok users baffled, it appears to be a joke. Christy followed up with another post, claiming that the man in question was actually her brother’s best friend, and the pair had grown really close after her brother passed away. 

Even that post left some users confused as she, once again, used the #MarryYourMomsEx hashtag. 

Christy said that she didn’t expect the post to “blow up as much as it did” and has reiterated that the guy in question isn’t actually her stepdad. Though, the TikTok comments are still rather confused by the whole thing.