Woman with world’s largest mouth defeated by giant pretzel

TikToker Sam RamsdellTikTok: SamRamsdell5

A woman with the ‘world’s biggest mouth’ attempted to fit a giant soft pretzel into her mouth, only to be defeated by the salty appetizer in a viral TikTok.

TikToker Sam Ramsdell is the owner of the ‘world’s largest female mouth gape,’ and she even has the Guinness World Record to prove it.

Coming in at over four inches wide, Sam has made a name for herself on TikTok uploading videos showing the wide variety of things she can manage to eat at one time.

The TikToker recently tried to put a giant soft pretzel into her mouth in one bite, only to be defeated by the salty dish in a battle for the ages.

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Woman with world’s largest mouth conquered by a giant pretzel

Uploaded on November 19, Sam’s video shows her inside of a restaurant holding a giant soft pretzel with text overlayed on the video: “Can I fit this entire pretzel in my mouth?”

She also added a caption to the upload: “Pretzel in one bite for the kids”

Ramsdell quickly began shoving the salty appetizer into her mouth, only to realize it was too much, and admitted defeat.

Despite not managing to eat the entire pretzel, Sam stayed positive and her fans were absolutely impressed.

One user replied: “Exceeded my expectations lol.”

“That’s so impressive,” another viewer commented.

A third commenter replied: “The mouth opening scared me..also that pretzel looks amazing.”

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It seems that Sam’s “gape hole” is a bit much for unexpecting viewers, but those that are a part of her 3.4 million followers absolutely loved the attempt.