Woman under fire for losing custody of her kids over her TikTok videos

Molly Byrne

A mom got called out on social media for losing custody of her kids due to her many TikTok videos detailing her instability and relationship with her estranged husband.

Although TikTok is a great place to express oneself, one mom may have taken her indiscretion about her sanity and home life too far, as she recently lost custody of her children due to her online content.

After posting a video saying that her lawyer advised her to stop sharing so much information on TikTok, the mom, named Kathrine, has stopped posting about her children and details about her life. 

However, those who have viewed her many TikTok rants have taken to the comments section to call her out for being “unhinged” and “impulsive.”

TikTok mom was advised by a lawyer to stop posting to TikTok 

A TikTok mom revealed she lost custody of her children due to her consistent posts on the platform.

Not only do her posts include her professing all the details of her and her estranged husband’s relationship, but they also cover the basis of the aftermath of their relationship falling apart.

In one TikTok video, Katherine exposed text messages from her husband, to which she replied, “He told my daughter that I wasn’t coming back, even though every single time I was ever asked, I’ve always said, ‘Yes.’”

In another clip, Katherine took to TikTok to show how tearful she was after talking to her children, as she said she doesn’t talk to them often because it hurts her heart too much. 

Katherine also revealed to TikTok that she got so mad that she punched a hole in a wall and also broke dishwear.

Karherine’s estranged husband then told her that he only wanted her to have supervised visitation going forward.

Since posting updated details throughout August about what it’s like living without her kids, Katherine was supposedly told by a lawyer to stop sharing so much information with TikTok because it doesn’t make her look good for custody reasons. 

Those who have seen her online saga haven’t been so kind with their comments, as one person said, “I know your emotions are spinning right now — but these videos are not a good look and will end up being used against you. You’re coming across unhinged.”

While another commented on the fact that she was already contacted by a lawyer for her manic videos, saying, “I was wondering how bad you were going to make the situation. You may still have a shot at unsupervised visits.”

Others even commented on Katherine’s emotional state, saying, “I’m fearful that it took a lawyer and not just your sense,” as well as, “100% the husband will get custody until she can prove she’s gotten mental help and shown improvement.”

After speaking with a lawyer, Katherine made sure to update her viewers that she would no longer be taking to TikTok to share the details of her custody battle. She did, however, say in her last video, “There is no way in hell anyone is taking away my kids permanently from me.” Can someone say momma bear?

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