Mom horrified as her baby’s toy makes joke about drive-by shootings

Kawter Abed
Mom horrified as her baby’s toy makes jokes about drive-by shootings

A TikToker was left shocked after her baby’s toy made ‘inappropriate’ jokes including one about drive-by shootings.

The horrified mom took to TikTok to vent her frustration about a children’s toy that was bought as a Christmas present to her 9-month-old son.

“I was just coming on here because I need TikTok to do its thing,” Ashley Lynn (mamabearash) said in her video, which went viral with 14 million views.

The toy was a colorful pretend TV remote control made by the Linsay toy company, and she explained that it was a gift for her young son from her grandmother, who purchased it at Walmart.

After Ashley opened the toy for her child and loaded in the batteries, the baby began to play with it. She explained that her son was soon “going to town chewing on” the toy, and “pressing the buttons.”

However, soon enough, Ashley’s mom alerted her that the toy “just said something about a drive-by shooting,” she recalled in the video.

She then revealed some of the shocking jokes the colorful toy played, as she started pressing buttons on the pretend remote control.

The first one was a sexually explicit joke about Catholic priests. “What? What?” Ashley said in the video. “It’s ‘a kid’s toy.’ There’s a baby on the box,” the mom added.

Another joke could be heard coming from the toy: “Tom told his friend his brother has a job with 10,000 people under him. He cuts the grass in a cemetery.”

Lastly, she played out the drive-by shooting joke: “You’ll never guess what makes a clip clop, clip clop, bang bang, clip clop, clip clop, bang bang? An Amish drive by shooting.”

Ashley concluded her video by looking into the camera and saying, “Walmart, explain this. Linsay Toys, explain this.”

In a statement, a Walmart spokesperson told Fox News Digital, “This item was listed by an outside third-party seller and removed from our site because it does not comply with our prohibited products policy.

“Like other major retailers, we operate an online marketplace that allows third-party sellers to offer merchandise through our eCommerce platform. Walmart strives to maintain a marketplace that customers can trust.”

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