Woman offers friends $5,000 if they can set her up with future husband

Dylan Horetski
tiktoker wants to pay $5000 for a husband

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after offering her friends $5,000 if they’d set her up with a man that she would eventually marry.

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, there’s no shortage of viral videos to catch your attention, with many of them gaining tens of millions of views.

Viral videos can even accomplish wholesome things like making an author go viral, leading to him selling a ton of books.

In the platform’s latest viral video, a woman says she offered to pay her friends $5,000 if they could set her up with a man – as long as he became her husband.

Woman wants to pay friends to find her future husband

In the video, TikToker ‘ebtilley’ duetted a clip from a podcast where two women were talking about asking to be set up with a man.

“So, I made this bet with my boss like a couple of years ago, and I’ve now added my best friend, her husband, and a couple of other friends, but I feel like I’m just gonna open it up to the general public because I’m good for it,” she began to explain.

“So, the bet/offer is that if you introduce me to my husband and I marry him, I will give you $5,000. I don’t have to stay married to him for long, I can get divorced in 20 years, it doesn’t matter. If you introduce me to a man that I walk down the aisle and get married to, I will give you $5,000.”

In a follow-up video, she shared more details about the type of guy she’s looking for. “So, I’m five foot 11, so I’m open to six foot and taller,” she said.

“I live in Los Angeles and am open to long distance as long as he wants long distance. I want kids, so he has to also want kids. I want more than one, but anything past one is up for debate. The one thing that I am not open about is he needs to have wit. He needs to have sass. He needs to have banter.

“He needs to like sports. I avert strongly against the Star Wars-computer-AI-nerdy persuasion. Nothing against that population, that is just to say that is probably not my match.”

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