Woman calls out Goodwill for having security camera looking into dressing room stalls

Woman discovers hidden camera in goodwill bathroomUnsplash.com: Oxa Roxa / TikTok

A woman is going viral on TikTok after warning customers about a security camera placed above stalls in the dressing room of a Goodwill located in South Zanesville, Ohio.

TikTok is home to all manner of videos and viral clips — some of which take the platform by storm for warning users about scams, being mistreated at restaurants, and other questionable practices from businesses.

One user is going viral for discovering something shocking at her local Goodwill, an American chain of nonprofit thrift stores.

TikToker and tattoo artist ‘Crypt’ was changing in the fitting room of a Goodwill store located in South Zanesville, Ohio when she noticed a security camera located just above her stall.

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She took a video showing that the camera could potentially see into the changing rooms, sparking alarm and outrage from commenters. “Care to explain?” Crypt wrote in the clip’s caption, tagging the establishment’s official TikTok handle.

Her video has racked up over half a million views since being uploaded in December as more and more commenters weigh in on the situation.

TikTok users outraged over “hidden camera” in Goodwill changing room

“I wouldn’t be going there anymore and turn it into the police,” one user wrote. “Keep an eye open for any other stores doing it.”

“That’s illegal,” another said.

However, other commenters argued that the camera was likely not looking directly into the stalls but rather away from it toward the door leading out into the rest of the store.

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“As a former security tech, I can say it probably doesn’t,” another user explained. “It may not even be pointed at the changing room. It is, however, a bad installation location.”

“I work with these types of cameras,” a commenter claimed. “Looks like it’s angled the opposite direction, probably a door over there that it’s watching.”

Tiktok goodwill hidden camera comments copyTikTok: caitreed01
Comments were mixed, with some arguing the security camera was likely looking away from the changing rooms.

Goodwill has not responded to Crypt’s video at the time of writing.

This is far from the first time “hidden cameras” have taken over TikTok; in September 2022, users helped a woman spot a possible hidden camera in the bathroom of a dance studio, prompting similar amounts of outrage from concerned viewers.

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