TikToker left in tears after she’s denied service at restaurant for dining alone

TikToker denied restaurant service for dining aloneTIKTOK: sunshine_inthekitchen

A TikToker was left in tears after she was denied service at a restaurant because she was dining alone.

Content creator Sunshine Chavez posted a TikTok video showing a staff member at a Korean BBQ restaurant in California, telling her there is a two-person minimum for eating in the restaurant, pointing to the policy written on their sign-in sheet.

She wrote in a caption for the video: “When the restaurant doesn’t let you dine in because you’re a party of 1. And you’re told next time bring a friend maybe I’m just hungry and emotional but I definitely cried in my car.”

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Sunshine expressed in the comments she had to build up the courage to go inside by herself, saying she waited in the car for 15 minutes before going in.

“I really debated about paying for an extra person. I was craving it all day (all week),” she added.

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Her video went viral with almost 120,000 views, and many users related to Sunshine’s video, expressing sympathy with her solo-dining plight.

TikTok react to woman being denied service for dining alone

“Yeah this is actually a thing at most Korean bbq spots unfortunately,” one user shared. “It sucks though.”

“It’s Korean bbq… they prepare and give you a lot of sides, meats, sauces, etc. it doesn’t make sense for them to do all of this for one person,” another pointed.

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“I’d literally cry,” a third user added, to which Sunshine responded, “I did lol 🙁 but in my car hahah.”

Others couldn’t believe there was a policy in place that entailed not allowing people to eat alone.

“As someone who loves eating out alone, this is a new fear unlocked lol,” one user wrote.

“What if you’re a party of 1 but appetite of 2?” another questioned.

“I just posted a question on their yelp asking if this policy could be considered discrimination,” someone else shared.