Woman arrested after confrontation over ‘homophobic slurs’ in viral TikTok

Jacob Hale
tiktok video screenshots of woman being arrested over "homophobic slurs"

A woman was arrested in Delaware, Ohio in a viral TikTok that saw her confronted for allegedly using homophobic slurs.

The list of things that go viral on TikTok is extensive and it really could be anything. The viral hoodie illusion video has over 40 million views, while duets of the girl hurting her back and making a high-pitched sound have caught steam on just about every corner of the app.

The TikTok in question was originally posted on April 9, 2022, but spread like wildfire towards the tail end of the month, picking up over 2 million views and garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and comments.

Originally posted by scott.blevins, the video sees him get into a confrontation with his “Karen” neighbor after confronting her for using homophobic slurs — and it ended awfully for her.

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After lashing out at Blevins, the camera cuts to a scene showing a police car outside, lights flashing, suggesting she had been arrested.

Sure enough, at the end of the video, Blevins shows a screenshot from the local sheriff’s office’s website, featuring a mugshot of the accused, showing that she had been detained.

There is no reason for her detainment provided in the screenshot, but viewers in the comments seem delighted with the outcome nonetheless, saying that “I love the ending to this story!”

Regardless of the reason for her detainment, the woman accused will definitely think twice before using homophobic slurs around her neighbor again — and hopefully, stop using them completely.

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