TikToker hurts back in viral video and it’s being turned into classic songs

KateyLorrell Viral on TikTokTikTok: Kateylorrell

TikToker ‘Kateylorrell’ uploaded a video of her hitting her back on a bedpost, making a sound in agony. Now, creators are mixing her sound into classic songs. 

Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has continued to be a one-stop-shop for viral content. Alongside dance trends and hilarious filters, are sounds that inspire thousands of other creators to make content using it.

TikTok user Kateylorrel uploaded her video with the intention of showing off her outfit when she accidentally hit her lower back on the bedpost in the background.

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She quickly made a sound in agony and now singers from all over the world are duetting her now-viral video, mixing her pitch-perfect scream of pain into some of the most popular classic songs.

TikTok user’s perfect-pitch scream turns into classic songs

With over 10k duets, stitches, and regularly recorded videos using her sound, it has boosted the original upload to a mind-staggering 10m views at the time of writing.

TikTok singer J.C. Leach mixed KateyLorrel’s agony into the chorus of “Stayin Alive” by 70’s disco trio: Bee Gees.

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Leach has amassed over eight million views, with over a million likes.

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Another popular hit being sung by the platform’s musically-talented creators is ‘Dilemma’ by Nelly which features Kelly Rowland.

TikToker ‘__jasminenguyen’ uploaded one of the most viral videos showing off this song, with almost two million views and growing.

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The sound is rapidly growing in popularity, with more songs like ‘I’m coming out,‘ and even Marshmello joined in on the fun with his collaboration with Bastille, ‘Happier.’

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