Wild TikTok planets filter is out of this world

Brianna Reeves
tiktok planet filter

Lately, TikTok users have taken to showcasing a planet filter with effects for the likes of Jupiter and it’s absolutely out of this world.

TikTok already features a wide range of incredible filters and effects that users can rely on to enhance their videos.

Some of the more interesting filters add things like color overlays, time warp scans, shimmery effects, and green screen effects.

But new and exciting additions regularly enter the mix, opening the door for creators to experiment with even more editing options.

And one filter, in particular, managed to bring the vast expanse of space to TikTok.

TikTok users are wowed by the new planet filter

TikToker ty_lyfe recently shared a video of the planet filter in action and it’s pretty impressive.

The clip begins right before the user opens their backdoor. As soon as the door opens, viewers are met with a star-filled sky and the planet Jupiter spinning towards the screen.

Asteroids and the Earth’s moon hover nearby as well, further amplifying the effects of the filter.

Ty_lyfe is not a fan of the filter, saying the design “f**cked [them] up” because it “looks so real.” Countless other TikTokers seem to be enjoying it, however.

Notably, videos featuring TikTok’s planet filter have garnered nearly 14 million views at the time of writing.

Some creators, such as itsofficialken consider it the platform’s “best filter” to date. But ty_lyfe isn’t alone in finding the filter a little too scary for their liking.

Beawilderment‘s planet filter video, which features a “HELP” caption, shows them closing a window curtain to hide the effect, only for Jupiter to have drawn even closer once the curtain is pulled back again.

Suffice it to say, TikTokers will more than likely get a lot of mileage out of the platform’s space-centric filter.