Why is “ghost poop” trending on TikTok and what does it mean?

Meera Jacka
What is ghost poop and why is it blowing up TikTokUnsplash: Sincerely Media / TikTok: itsbradat

TikTokers are taking to the platform to share hilarious videos on their experiences with the infamous and elusive “ghost poop”.

The fact that one should aim for a healthy diet rich in fiber and essential fatty acids is no groundbreaking news. However, TikTokers have now found a new reason to strive toward a nutritious lifestyle.

With 15 million views on the social media platform, the evasive “ghost poop” is currently capturing the minds and hearts of TikTokers all across the platform

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But what exactly is ghost poop, and why should everyone be hoping to experience the phenomenon on the regular?

In a TikTok with more than 7.5 million views, naturopathic doctor Janine Bowering explains that ghost poop is a sign that “you may just be the healthiest person on the planet”.

The term can be used to describe stool that seemingly vanishes, with either no trace of it in the toilet or a stool that doesn’t show on toilet paper. And it is something that should be sought after and celebrated.

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TikToker Steven Wright, who goes by ‘healthygutsteven’ on the platform, described ghost poop as “the ideal”.

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After all, ghost poop is the result of an exceptionally smooth stool. It is achieved through staying hydrated and ingesting enough fiber and essential fatty acids.

“It’s what we’re shooting for on a regular basis, but it’s probably not going to happen every day,” Wright explains.

TikTok goes crazy over new “ghost poop” trend

As diets fluctuate, experiencing a ghost poop every time you run to the toilet isn’t realistic. And this is totally normal!

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To celebrate the healthy movements of their bowels, TikTokers are jumping on the bandwagon to share what it feels like to experience the new viral trend.

On the account ‘itsbradat‘, Bradadinho shared his hilarious take on the elusive stool.

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