Who is Tacobellqween on TikTok? Siblings Brittany & Ryan go viral for Autism awareness

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Tacobellqween brittany ryan tiktokInstagram: brittanyelizabeth._

Siblings Brittany and Ryan have gone viral on TikTok through her channel ‘Tacobellqween’ as they use the platform to educate viewers about autism. Here’s everything we know about the brother/sister duo. 

Throughout the years as TikTok has provided viewers with the latest dance trend or viral sound, some creators on the app have used their platform to educate about various topics.

A creator by the name of ‘tacobellqween,’ whose real name is Brittany, has gone viral on the app with her brother Ryan to help educate viewers on Autism — something that Ryan deals with on a daily basis.

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Since going viral, the sibling duo has amassed over three million followers and has received hundreds of thousands of views on their variety of videos.

Who is Tacobellqween on TikTok?

In an interview with Today, Brittany revealed how TikTok has helped her get closer to her brother while also educating their viewers.

“When I captured Ryan’s reaction to me wearing the face mask I thought it was a funny moment that people would appreciate,” she explained. “I had no idea that it would go viral and we’d start using social media to educate others about his autism.”

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At the time of writing, their viral video has over four million views and 830k likes.

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She also revealed that TikTok has helped Ryan come out of his shell, giving him a chance to create videos like their highly sought-after uploads where he provides viewers with his own tip of the day.

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Every video uploaded to their channel is flooded with support for Brittany and Ryan, explaining that they love how the duo spreads awareness and has grown together as a family in the time they’ve spent on TikTok.

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What is Autism?

According to Autism Society, Autism Spectrum disorder is a complex, lifelong developmental condition that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation.

The experience varies between everyone, and those affected can experience symptoms such as being non-verbal, having difficulty making and keeping friends, and some even experience extreme or low sensitivity to sensory items — like noise or lights.

There’s everything we know about Brittany and Ryan. For more viral TikTok’s and other platform news — head over to our hub.

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