Who is Meep Meep? Catherine Ebs TikTok drama explained

Christy Mathew
Catherine Ebs from Road to a milli part 2 Youtube video

TikToker Catherine Ebs’ is finally addressing rumors regarding Meep Meep as her comment section was flooded with questions about her but some fans got confused, asking who that was.

The video-sharing platform has become a part of people’s lives across all ages and has given fame to a plethora of influencers and artists like Addison Rae, Khaby Lame, and more.

Catherine is one such internet celebrity, who finally decided to address all the family drama and questions about Meep Meep in her latest video shared on July 13.

The TikToker has over a million followers on the platform and her comment section was filled with questions regarding Meep Meep, leaving other followers to wonder who it was.

In a video with the title, ‘Road to a milli pt. 2,’ the content creator answered questions sent by fans including queries about Meep Meep.

Who is Meep Meep on TikTok?

Meep Meep is Catherine’s brother’s girlfriend, whose real name has not been revealed as of yet. But because of Ebs and her fans, she became known simply as Meep Meep.

In a previous YouTube video, the influencer revealed she would call her brother’s girlfriend’s car, Meep Meep, which then caught on and became the name she was known by on TikTok.

They made some videos together and Meep Meep became an instant hit among fans, leading her to make her own TikTok account as well.

However, in Catherine’s latest video, fans questioned whether Meep Meep had deleted her account as they weren’t able to find her at all on social media.

In a YouTube video posted by Ebs, she revealed she had a falling out with her brother and his girlfriend, and because of that they will not be collaborating together.

(Timestamp starts at 47:31)

Catherine Ebs talks about drama with family

In an hour-long video, the content creator revealed her dynamic with her brother and his girlfriend as she talked about her initial difficulty to get along with Meep Meep.

Ebs discussed how her family did not support her TikTok career among whom were her brother and his girlfriend. But things changed once they started spending time together and Meep Meep began appearing in her videos.

However, the TikToker’s family thought her online presence was “stupid,” as she shared that Meep Meep began to be recognized in public after becoming popular.

Catherine claimed that Meep Meep liked being famous and decided to start her own TikTok channel after Ebs began receiving free packages from brands because of her popularity.

The content creator added that her brother supported his girlfriend’s TikTok but not hers and stated that Meep Meep was copying elements of her videos instead of using her original elements.

She revealed that she had a conversation with her brother and his girlfriend but Meep Meep was allegedly blaming the former for using her for her content.

She added that her brother and Meep Meep made accusations against her claiming she is “harassing” and “bullying” them. Catherine also denied rumors of having forced Meep Meep to delete her TikTok.

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