Where is TikTok’s viral ‘me and your daughter’ sound from?

Georgina Smith
MattyB next to the TikTok logo

TikTokers are loving a sound that’s going viral on the app of singer and rapper MattyB singing the line “me and your daughter got a special thing going on” from OutKast’s ‘Ms. Jackson.’

TikTok is a hub of the internet’s most viral content, and while creators can make videos using their own audio, many also choose to make videos with viral ‘sounds’ that are blowing up.

These can simply be charting songs, or sometimes audios from random clips that end up spawning a popular trend that sweeps the platform.

One of the latest sounds to dominate people’s For You Pages is of someone singing the lyrics “me and your daughter got a special thing going on,” and the audio has been going viral as thousands of people make videos using it.

Some have been dancing to the track, whereas others have been using it to make memes about people that they’re dating, or celebrities they have a crush on, in videos that have been garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and views.

MattyB’s ‘Ms. Jackson’ cover goes viral

This audio is actually from almost a decade ago, in MattyBRaps’ cover of OutKast’s ‘Ms. Jackson.’ MattyB is a singer and rapper who started his career as a child on his immensely popular YouTube channel, where the now-19-year-old has over 14 million subscribers.

The clip from the video first appeared to blow up on Twitter, where a post captioned “Me and yo dawwwwtuh” ended up garnering over 150,000 likes.

This audio quickly blew up on TikTok as well, and many users loved reminiscing over MattyB’s old content, especially if they were a fan of him as a kid.

It looks like the sound could be set to get even more popular as people rediscover the star, with videos about it garnering a substantial amount of views and likes.