Where are Daequan and Hamlinz? TSM duo go dark on Twitch & social media

by Calum Patterson


Two of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Darryle 'Hamlinz' Hamlin and Daequan 'Daequan' Loco, have once again gone missing from the internet for over three months.

Far from the first time that the pair have pulled a disappearing act across Twitch, YouTube and social media. Throughout 2019, both of them took extended breaks, some explained, others not.


It's no secret that they have both had to battle with pressures outside of gaming, from family losses and health issues. Again, however, the pair have gone dark with no warning.

Where is Daequan?

TSM Members Hamlinz, Myth and Daequan.
The pair were part of the iconic TSM trio with Myth.

The last peep out of Daequan came on March 19, when he posted a couple of tweets about the looming health crisis around the world.


Similarly, his last stream on his 3.8 million followers strong Twitch channel was three months ago, and so was his last YouTube video for his 5.2 million subscribers, posted on March 19.

This has left fans scratching their heads for a number of reasons: Why has he stopped posting and when will he return?

Where is Hamlinz?

Hamlinz time off is almost identical to his TSM teammate. He too hadn't tweeted since March 18, when he said he was taking the day off. Then, out of the blue, posted a tweet on May 23 for his birthday, and another on June 12, simply saying 'TriHard' - a Twitch emote.


Even fellow streamer Dennis 'Cloak' Lepore doesn't know what's happening with Hamlinz, asking "where the hell are you?" but getting no response.

Like Daequan, Hamlinz hasn't streamed on Twitch to his 2.1 million followers in over three months, and hasn't posted to his 1 million subscriber YouTube channel since February 4.

Hamlinz and Daequan's history of long breaks

When Hamlinz suffered from a cyst in early 2019, it marked his first long-term departure from streaming. Then, after a short return, he went dark again from August to October. He cited his grandmother being diagnosed with breast cancer as one of the major struggles he had been battling with.


Daequan has similarly experienced setbacks forcing him to take time away. Serious back pain put him out action for much of 2019, as he would struggle to sit behind his desk for hours - a requirement if you're streaming all day. In December, he explained that he was taking time off to focus on his own physical and mental health, along with that of his girlfriend Exie.

In January, he tweeted about making 2020 a good year, and that he missed his fans greatly.

They both did some streams and videos for the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, but since then, it's been radio silence.

When will Hamlinz and Daequan be back?

Unfortunately, there's no way to know for sure. Previous sabbaticals have varied in length, so although three months is a long-time, it's no certainty that their breaks are ending soon.

Thankfully, they've proven in the past that when they do make a comeback, their loyal fans will be there like always. The fact they have built such large and dedicated followings is testament to their abilities as entertainers and content creators, but for now, it looks like life is getting in the way.