Hamlinz addresses streaming absence: “I’m feeling depressed again”

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Twitch streamer Hamlinz has revealed that his recent absence from streaming was due to feelings of depression, and that the Thoom House was officially over.

After more than two months of streaming since November 5, 2021, Hamlinz explained that his hiatus was due to his mental health, and being too embarrassed to share any of that with fans.

Following his apology, he gave more insight into his current situation and confirmed that the Thoom House was “no more” during a Twitch stream.

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Hamlinz attributes streaming absence to poor mental health

“The truth is I’m feeling depressed again and I was embarrassed to say anything to you guys/girls, my bad I should have let yall know I needed a bit of a break,” Hamlinz told fans on Twitter. “People are definitely reaching calling me a scammer etc, ima make an alt acc to stream on so it’s less pressure. LOVE U.”

Along with thousands of fans wishing Hamz well, Andy Miller, CEO of NRG replied “No Scam. All love” to Hamlinz’s Tweet, apparently confirming he was still very much a part of the org as well.

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In addition to making the announcement on Twitter about his mental health, Hamlinz also went live on Twitch on January 16 — his first stream since November 5. It wasn’t on his main account though, but his “smallmanbigworld” alt instead.

“I’m f***king depressed. I don’t know, ya’ll know how it is though,” the streamer told chat. “You’ll think you’re good one moment, then the next moment your not. The worst part about that is? It’s embarrassing dude.”

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Hamlinz says NRG Thoom House is gone

During the stream, Hamlinz also explained why the Thoom House was no longer a thing, in part thanks to sub-par internet and other problems with the house itself.

“There’s a lot of reasons why there’s no more Thoom House man, the main reason is the internet was f***king dog***t, everything was wrong with the house,” he explained. “There was a lot of problems, like disagreements with NRG, the editing, and how we’re supposed to do the content.”

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While the concept was a creation by Hamlinz and Daequan, it was still backed by NRG, who would have had the final say in anything that happened on the channel.

“It was our idea for the channel, but at the end of the day it was NRG’s channel,” he said. “The Thoom House channel wasn’t ours, after the Thoom House was gone, that’s their channel, we can’t post on that channel no more if we leave NRG.”

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Despite there being no more Thoom House, fans seemed relieved Hamlinz is back streaming on Twitch. Finally, he said he would be streaming more, but on his alternate channel instead of his main one.

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