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What’s Brewing? Week’s biggest drama: Bryce Hall’s electricity cut off, FaZe Banks quitting YouTube, more

Published: 23/Aug/2020 22:51

by Alice Hearing


The drama surrounding influencer parties has ramped up the pace this week with the Mayor of LA cutting off electricity for famous TikTokkers. We also saw TimTheTatman roasted by the official Fall Guys Twitter page, and FaZe Banks could be quitting YouTube for good. We’ve got all the tea you need to stay updated on the madness.

So… what’s brewing?

Bryce Hall’s electricity cut off by LA Mayor following huge parties

Sway House Bryce Hall

After rumors that Bryce Hall’s electricity and water would be cut off as a result of his controversial 21st birthday party, the mayor of LA has followed through and severed the utilities in Hall’s personal Hollywood residence.

Who’s involved?

While it appears that the house in Encino where the party was originally held still has utilities, Hall’s private Hollywood Hills property he shares with fellow TikTok stars Noah Beck and Blake Gray has had its electricity shut off.

What’s the tea?

When videos emerged on August 14 of a huge gathering at the Sway House to celebrate TikTok influencer Bryce Hall’s birthday, the internet was in uproar.

On August 16, viral star and comedian Elijah Daniel called out the Sway and Hype houses on Twitter for their behavior, saying they are “attention-seeking clowns risking lives for clout.”

This came to fruition on August 19 when the LA mayor tweeted out: “Today I authorized the city to disconnect utility service at a house in the Hollywood Hills to stop the large parties held there in flagrant violation of our public health orders.”

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Jenna Marbles & Julien Solomita ended their podcast

Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

The Julien & Jenna podcast is ending after six years, and fans are utterly devastated.

Who’s involved?

Following her departure from YouTube, Jenna Mourey (Marbles) and her long-time partner Julien Solomita have announced that they are ending their podcast together.

What’s the tea?

On August 18, Jenna and Julien released a six-minute episode called “The Final Podcast” where they announced the show’s ending after six years and emotionally expressed their gratitude towards listeners.

The pair said that there’s a possibility that they will collaborate on another project together in the future, but that it was undetermined. However, Julien will continue to stream on Twitch. Just last week, the couple revealed that their shared Twitch channel ‘jennajulien’ would become simply ‘julien.’

This comes after Jenna announced on June 25 that she was departing YouTube and the internet for good, after a decade and amassing 23 million subscribers. In her emotional farewell, she apologized for insensitive content she had made in the past saying: “People were offended and it hurt them, and for that, I am so unbelievably sorry.”

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TimTheTatman finally won a game of Fall Guys

On August 19, Tim finally won a match of Fall Guys after numerous attempts!

Who’s involved?

Popular streamer TimTheTatman had been struggling to win a game of Fall Guys ever since the launch of the game in early August 2020.

What’s the tea?

TimTheTatman has had a rough time with Fall Guys, to say the least. Even though he’s been playing it consistently since the title’s launch in early August, he hasn’t been able to get a win in the popular battle royale game.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account has joined in on the roasting too, giving him constant mockery for his inability to get a crown – though on August 19, he finally did.

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Jake Paul is making a music video about FBI raiding his house

Jake Paul speaks to the camera.

Jake Paul is currently casting for a music video about his “run-in with the law”, and people are not happy about it.

Who’s involved?

In a recent Instagram story, Jake revealed that he was searching for women for yet another music video shoot this weekend. It read: “looking for girls for a music video on Saturday, major production, DM for info.” A job opportunities email sent out by entertainment industry magazine Backstage claimed Paul is going to be “reenacting his recent run-in with the law.”

What’s the tea?

While the fact that such a large personality in the YouTube scene was being raided by the FBI was shocking enough, many people are upset that Jake will be pulling together lots of people into a small space during a pandemic, yet again.

In July, he was condemned by the Mayor of Calabasas for hosting a huge party with several high profile YouTube and TikTok stars in attendance including Bryce Hall and Tana Mongeau. It turns out that the party was part of the filming for a music video to Jake’s latest track “Fresh Outta London.”

In the last few days, the backlash over these controversial parties has really ramped up with other popular influencers such as Tyler Oakley calling them out for their bad behavior, and commentary channels exposing the true extent of these gatherings.

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FaZe Banks said he might “never” return to YouTube again

FaZe fans should maybe stop holding their breath for a potential Banks YouTube return.

Who’s involved?

FaZe Clan figurehead Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks went on Mike Majlak’s ‘The Night Shift’ series to admit that he may “never” return to YouTube again, despite the fact he has built a fanbase of more than 5.38 million subscribers on the platform.

What’s the tea?

Banks revealed he has “no plans, at all” to go back to his regular vlog series in 2020, and maybe won’t ever return.

“I’ve been going through some s**t… same as the last 28 years,” Banks said. Majlak then asked him if he’d “ever return,” especially considering 100 Thieves’ Nadeshot demanded he come back

“Everybody misses Banks!” Majlak said again, calling for him to get back on the YouTube grind. The FaZe star shot down any potential comeback plans: “I won’t return anytime soon… no plans, at all.”

Read the whole story here.

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Jinny banned from Twitch again for reckless driving

Published: 20/Oct/2020 17:58

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Jinny has revealed that the streaming platform will be banning her after she drove quite recklessly on a scooter while visiting Germany.

The popular IRL streamer explained to her viewers that her impromptu decision to ride a scooter without very much experience was a bad idea.

“I got banned. Not yet, but I will get banned because of scooter,” she said. “Because I don’t have a driver’s license, I’ve never tried scooter that much. So, I made a lot of mistakes.”

As Jinny further noted, even though she tried to be careful, mistakes were bound to happen. “So, I’m just not going to ride scooter to avoid any mistakes being made.”

In a since-deleted clip, Jinny can be seen riding a scooter while wobbling and appearing to have significant trouble steering.

At one point, the streamer even ran a red light and nearly bumped into other people trying to ride their vehicles.

“It was green! Damn it!” she cursed after crossing the road. “Wasn’t it green?”

How long will Jinny be banned for?

According to the Korean streamer, this ban will last for seven days, because this isn’t the first time Twitch has had to discipline her.

As Dexerto previously reported, Jinny was first banned back in July after playing The Last of Us Part 2 on stream.

During the broadcast, she erroneously referred to the female character, Abby, as a “transgender” which resulted in the platform banning her for a “hateful comment.”

However, Jinny was unbanned a mere eight hours later after making a public apology.

The ban timing is extremely unfortunate as Jinny is in the middle of a trip, so being unable to stream takes some fun out of the experience.

For her part, however, Jinny is taking the ban seriously and accepts that it was her fault. As for when she will be banned, she claimed that it will happen when it’s “morning in NA,” so the ban should be kicking in at some point on October 20.