Whataburger customer orders food at drive-thru while store is getting robbed

Kawter Abed
Whataburger customer orders food at drive-thru while store is getting robbed

A drive-thru customer went viral on TikTok, after accidentally documenting a robbery at a Whataburger store while ordering food.

In a clip with 1.4 million views, content creator ksuxtoes’ driver ordered food at the drive-thru, while she recorded. But, seconds later, the driver asked a question and received an alarming response.

The TikToker’s friend called out to the Whataburger employee who was taking the order, “Are y’all getting robbed? Are y’all getting robbed right now?”

After a strange sound interrupted the video, the drive-thru worker then responded with a casual, “Yeah.”

The stunned TikToker then recorded herself covering her mouth, before sharing a glimpse of her car window view, which showed at least two police cars waiting outside the store.

“WTF??? THEY REALLY WERE GETTING ROBBED,” she captioned the 15-second clip. The hashtags used in the caption indicate that the robbery happened at one of two Destin, Florida Whataburger locations.

TikTok users in the comments couldn’t get over the Whataburger worker’s reaction to the store getting robbed.

“How is she so calm? ‘Are y’all getting robbed?’ ‘Yeah,'” one user wrote. “The disappointment in her voice she’s just like ‘yeah,'” another added.

Others expressed their sympathies for the employee who was still taking orders despite the ordeal.

“Does no one realize how sad it is that they still have to work the drive thru while literally getting robbed,” one user commented.

“The poor WB employee is risking her life. Why are they making her work during a robbery,” another said.

But some users were more concerned about the Whataburger order that the friend had placed.

“Hold up there, did I just hear her say spicy ketchup?” one questioned. “What the heck is spicy ketchup? I’ve never heard that one before,” another wrote.

“They’re the ones getting robbed paying $22.30 for water and spicy ketchup,” someone else shared.

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