What is TikTok’s ‘honey spell’ and why are people saying it’s dangerous?

Virginia Glaze
What is TikToks honey spell and why is it dangerous

TikTok’s latest trend has people using honey to attract potential partners — but some netizens are warning non-Hispanic folks to pass on this particular activity.

TikTok is a hive for viral trends and fads, spawning multiple memes and crazes over the years that have leaked into real life several times.

From making handbags and dresses sell out in stores to getting everyone to air-fry their pasta noodles, TikTok is the premier destination for the next big thing — but the latest trend to sweep the app is making some users hit the pause button.

If you’ve been perusing the app lately, you’ve likely seen folks doing the ‘honey challenge’ or ‘honey method.’ This challenge is actually a spell, and requires that participants draw a cross on their tongues with honey.

The aim of the honey challenge is to “make someone obsessed with you,” according to TikToker Valeria, who gave users a tutorial on how to complete the spell.

While drawing the cross, she asks that people remain positive and remove all doubt about their intentions from their mind for the spell to work effectively.

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Although it seems simple, and plenty of users have tried it out for themselves, she warns viewers that they shouldn’t try the honey method if they aren’t Hispanic/Latino.

“This method can only be done by Hispanic or Latino [people],” she explained. “But if you wanna do it and you’re not Hispanic or Latino, make sure to stay protected and don’t be surprised if you get karma or it backfires.”

Other TikTokers are also warning non-Hispanic people to avoid using the spell, explaining that it’s not neo-paganism but ‘brujeria’ — a type of witchcraft native to Latin American and Afro-Caribbean cultures.

TikToker Jenny Luna explained the issue in a TikTok, saying, “Babe, it’s brujeria, not witchcraft. It’s a closed practice. If you’re not Hispanic you literally cannot do it, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble.”

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The honey method is just the latest trend to take over TikTok, following the viral ‘whisper method’ that is also making waves on the app.

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