What is TikTok’s ‘come here’ challenge?

Kawter Abed
TikTok come here trend

The new viral ‘come here’ TikTok challenge has surfaced over the social media platform, with users mocking people’s phobias.

Thanks to the invention of TikTok, most of us rarely experience boredom, as the app has spoiled us with numerous hilarious challenges and trends. From ‘I’m carrying your love with me’ to ‘he’s a 10,’ there are just endless amount of fun trends to watch and join.

The latest one that has taken over users’ For You Pages is the viral ‘come here’ challenge.

Like many trends, the ‘come here’ trend starting popping off thanks to the audio it uses. The ‘sounds’ is from a video by Youtuber Don’s Life where they say “come here, come here” before pretending to hit someone, and adding “b*tch, get out.”

TikTokers have now taken the ‘sounds’ and created a hilarious new trend.

The ‘come here’ challenge explained

The general format of this creative challenge points out a specific person with a phobia, like someone who is claustrophobic, and says “when someone with [phobia] talks sh*t” or “when someone with [phobia] tries to fight.” Then it switches to the TikTok creator ridiculing the person’s weakness.

In this viral 5-second clip, content creator denisxkrii targets people who have hayfever. The text on his video reads “When someone who has hayfever starts chatting sh*t” as he pulls out a handful of grass.

Another video, which has garnered 5.6 million views, shows TikToker paigetaylor.s poking fun of those with lactose intolerance by showing them a jug of milk.

In this hilarious spin of the trend, notseannooo pokes fun at those with social anxiety, by creating doubles of himself.


Other takes on the trend include people confronting vegetarians by showing them meat, or targeting those with dyslexia by handing them a book.

As of now, the ‘come here’ audio has been used in over 119,000 videos on TikTok, as the possibilities for this trend are endless.

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