Sommer Ray joins ‘he’s a 10’ trend with perfect TikTok

sommer ray tiktokSommer Ray, TikTok

The ‘he’s a 10 but’ trend has been going viral on TikTok and finally influencer Sommer Ray has joined in.

The trend, of course, is not limited to just one gender. There have been hilarious examples for both the ‘he’s a 10’ and ‘she’s a 10’ trend since it first popped off.

For those who don’t know what the meme means, it is essentially users expressing a red flag that would discourage them from being interested in a person who looks perfect.

On August 3, Instagram model Sommer Ray – who has over 26 million followers on the platform – has jumped on the bandwagon.

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Sommer Ray posts TikTok for ‘he’s a 10’ trend

Previously, the entrepreneur has admitted that if somebody sees their partner following her on social media, it’s probably a red flag.

In a new TikTok post, she’s wearing a pair of sunglasses, glaring into the camera.

The caption says: “When he’s a 10 but follows Sommer Ray on Instagram…”

A few others joined in with the meme, in the comments. One reply said: “When she’s a 10 but oversleeps & doesn’t come over…” This was followed by: “Still a 10 because I follow you anyways.”

Another said: “You’re a 10 because you are an absolute stunner with eyes like gold.”

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Whether or not following Sommer Ray is a red flag for most people is unknown, but she certainly seems to think it is – doubling down with this latest TikTok trend.