‘I’m carrying your love with me’ trend takes over TikTok

Georgina Smith
TikToks doing the I'm Carrying Your Love trendTikTok: officialmysterymakers / catdadtrio

TikTok users are sharing their hilarious takes on the ‘I’m carrying your love with me’ trend that’s taking over the app right now, with some videos garnering millions of views.

Every day, new trends are popping up on video platform TikTok, with many of them going on to garner millions of views and likes across thousands of videos.

One of the main ways that trends start on TikTok is through audios, or ‘Sounds’ as they are referred to on the app. Sometimes a sound might be a chart-topping hit, a throwback song, or even just a snippet from a user’s original video that unexpectedly becomes a meme.

The ‘I’m carrying your love with me’ trend is the latest one to take over the platform, and it is going viral in a variety of different forms.

The first sound to go viral was simply a snippet from a version of the song ‘Carrying Your Love’ by David Morris, where people would show the ‘evidence’ of love that they were carrying with them, before revealing whose love it is.

For example, many users in the first part of the video show a series of stray hairs on their clothing, before revealing that the hair comes from their pet, at the ‘I’m carrying your love with me’ part of the song.

This trend got even funnier when TikTok user Whatsername created a new version, where she sang the second line in her own voice, seemingly much closer to the microphone.

The sudden change in audio quality inspired thousands of people to make their own videos using the sound, which have been even more chaotic than the first. Many of them have gone on to garner millions of likes and views, sharing their best expectations vs. reality memes.

TikTok has been seeing a number of trends go viral in recent months, including one prank trend based on the popular Giordano filter.