What is the viral ‘deinfluencing’ trend on TikTok?

Georgina Smith
TikTok logo on money

TikTok creators are telling their followers what products not to spend their money on as part of the viral ‘deinfluencing’ trend — here’s everything to know about it.

Millions of people across the world open up TikTok every day to scroll through their For You Page and interact with the constant stream of new content being uploaded to the app.

Plenty of users have had their ‘TikTok made me buy it’ moment where they purchase an item that TikTokers are raving about on the app, with different products popping up on a regular basis.

However, people are now doing the opposite as part of the ‘deinfluencing’ trend that’s gaining traction on the app.

As the name suggests, creators will make videos in which they tell their followers which popular products they shouldn’t spend their money on, whether that’s because they’re low in quality, or too expensive for what they are.

This has been particularly popular in the beauty community, where influencers have encouraged users not to buy certain makeup products which have seen a huge amount of hype on TikTok especially.

“I have just heard of deinfluencing and now I’m all over it,” one commenter wrote on a video discussing expensive products.

Other commenters shared their love of the trend too, and even suggested some cheaper dupes for popular TikTok products to help.

While not everyone agrees with which products should be a part of the ‘deinfluencing’ trend, it seems that viewers are on the whole appreciative of finding out which products just aren’t worth the money.

Videos featuring the trend have garnered millions of views, and it is continuing to become even more popular on the app as other creators take part.