What is the ‘Golden Kappa’ on Twitch and how do you get it?

Golden KappaTwitch

The Golden Kappa emote is one of the biggest mysteries on Twitch but various sightings over the years have given us some intel to go off. Here’s everything we know about the elusive emote.

Kappa is a staple of Twitch chat. It’s one of the most widely utilized global emotes on the platform to express any form of sarcasm. Whether streamers are trolling their community or something unlucky happened in a game, the Kappa emote is often being spammed.

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What might come as a surprise to viewers, however, is there’s actually a rare variant of this emote. Rather than the standard black and white face we all know and love, there’s a shiny golden version hidden away in the site’s code.

For years it has remained one of the biggest head-scratchers on the streaming platform. How can you use the Golden Kappa emote? Does everyone have access? Is Twitch just trolling everyone in the most ironic way? Here’s what we know.

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How to get the Golden Kappa emote on Twitch

In short, there’s no clear means of unlocking the Golden Kappa emote and using it in chat. It can appear at random, in any Twitch channel, seemingly without any incentive behind it.

It’s recommended that you try using the standard Kappa emote as often as possible to increase your chances, however. At least once a day, in a variety of channels, could get you on your way to using the golden variant.

You may even stumble into the golden emote without realizing it. There might not be any notification that points towards your sparkly new emote. It could also be a one time use before it disappears again, so be sure to use it wisely if you get lucky and strike gold.

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Outside of general Kappa use on Twitch, there are a ton of popular fan theories surrounding the Golden troll. Perhaps it’s only available when Twitch staff are present in chat. Maybe it appears as a birthday treat on the day you created your account.

No one truly knows, and things could always be changing behind the scenes.

Twitch chat Golden KappaTwitch
Golden Kappas have appeared at random in a number of channels over the years.

You’ll have to keep your fingers crossed and always be on the lookout for the golden emote. As far as we know, there’s only been one special occasion in Twitch history where the Golden Kappa was available for everyone.

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October 26, 2020, marked history as viewers were able to spam the extremely rare emote for six full hours.

Only time will tell if we’ll ever be treated to another festive day of trolling.

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