What is the “Go Little Rockstar” sound on TikTok? Viral trend explained

Dylan Horetski

What is the “Go Little Rockstar” sound on TikTok? We’re here to tell you what song that the sound comes from, as well as how creators are using it. 

Since its launch, TikTok has been the home of a variety of viral trends including dances, ‘cults,’ and more. On top of trends, the short-form video app has also been a tremendous help to up-and-coming musicians.

Since the beginning of 2021, TikTok has helped Olivia Rodrigo gain viral popularity and since July, rock-n-roll musician GAYLE has taken the site by storm with her angry break-up song: “ABCDEFU.”

Now, a band by the name of SALES is going viral with their song “Pope is a Rockstar” — and TikTokers are getting the lyrics wrong.

Go Little Rockstar TikTok trend

Originally released in 2016, TikTokers have been using the chill tunes to show off recent achievements. Oftentimes, these videos are dedicated to a family member who has passed, or someone they don’t get to see very often.

TikTok creator ‘syairjames’ used the sound to dedicate a recent high-school football win to his grandfather.

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While TaylahDavies1 used the song as she thought about her childhood best friend.

The video read: “Seeing your childhood best friend post their wedding photos knowing you used to talk about that day as kids, and now you’re just strangers.”

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Go Little Rockstar TikTok lyrics

While many TikTok creators are captioning their video with the words “go little rockstar,” those are actually the wrong words.

While a quick Google search offers lyrics to the whole song, here is the part used in the viral sound clip:

You can be the highlight. Pope is a rockstar. Hoping on a late night.

The original video uploaded by the band has over three million views and has joined the always-growing list of viral songs on TikTok.

The band has yet to make a comment on the song gaining such popularity, but they do appear to have a TikTok account.