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What is the Bing Bong TikTok trend? Inside Out movie clip goes viral

Published: 23/Nov/2021 19:02

by Dylan Horetski


A clip from the Disney movie ‘Inside Out’ has gone viral on TikTok, creating the Bing Bong trend where creators use the sound to announce things to their fallen friends or family. 

While TikTok has gained its popularity over the years with its viral dances and other various trends, they’re not always entirely upbeat.

In the 2015 Disney movie “Inside out,” main character ‘Riley’ has to deal with her emotions during a stressful move across the country with her parents. These emotions are presented as other characters that communicate with Riley throughout the film.

When it comes to the bing bong trend, some people use the sound to share how they graduated college with a dedication to a deceased friend or family member that believed in them.


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Bing Bong TikTok trend original video

The specific scene within “Inside Out” that provides the viral sound involves one of the main characters sacrificing themself.

The words to the viral trend are: “bing bong, we did it! Bing bong? Bing bong!” Hahaha! We did it! Now go save Riley! Take her to the moon for me, okay?”

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TaKe HeR tO tHe MoOn FoR mE🥺💕#allesstehtkopfedit #saveriley #foryou #foryopage

♬ Originalton – ✨Antonia✨

Bing Bong TikTok Trend videos

In the case of the Bing Bong trend, creators on the app use the sound to make solemn announcements to their fallen friends or family members.

One of the most viral videos using this sound belongs to TikToker Breanna Wainscott, who shared her heartbreaking story of losing her husband shortly after their baby was born.


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I fucking hate this app 🥲 #RIP #TargetHalloween #MakeItCinematic #ouch

♬ Originalton – ✨Antonia✨

Jamie Jones used the sound a little differently, by using it to showcase her sharing the birth of her daughter with her military husband who is overseas.

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I know it doesn’t compare to what other people are going through🥺

♬ Originalton – ✨Antonia✨

While this is just one of many trends on the short-form video app, there is plenty to watch with more coming every day.

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