What is the ‘Someone’ account on TikTok? Mysterious 9/15/21 prediction goes viral

'Someone' account on TikTok next to the TikTok logoTikTok / Unsplash: Solen Feyissa

TikTok users have been baffled by a mysterious account with millions of followers, named simply ‘Someone,’ after they made a strange prediction about the date 9/15/21.

Although TikTok is best-known for its viral dances and challenges, there are also several slightly bizarre accounts that have gone viral in recent months.

Some have gone viral for creepy PSA-style horror videos, and others like Aesthetic Time Warper have made a stir with their dramatic predictions for the future. But non so far have been quite as mysterious as ‘Someone.’

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‘Someone’ is an account with over 9 million followers, and notably has no profile picture or bio. Their display name is the date ‘9/15/21,’ and the account is currently set to private.

Several days before that date, people started sharing screenshots of a comment from ‘Someone’ claiming September 15 would be “the day the internet will break.” This was said to be a result of a predicted solar flare.

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However, September 15 came and went, and the internet hasn’t gone anywhere yet, though the account has kept the date as their display name.

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It’s not currently clear who is actually behind the mysterious ‘Someone.’ Many are confused about how they have managed to gain so many followers in seemingly such a short space of time, but there’s no clue to their identity on their page.

Originally the account was verified, leading even more people to be confused about who this person could possibly be, though their verification badge has since been removed.

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With so many followers, people are wondering whether Someone will attempt to make any more predictions, or start posting more content. But for now, people remain baffled by the existence of this strange account.

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