Who is Sydeon? Twitch streamer & cosplayer on the rise

Sydeon looks at the camera in an Instagram pictureInstagram: sydeon

Sydeon, real name Sydney, is a 23-year-old streamer who has experienced a huge spike in popularity on Twitch, along with her stunning cosplays that have drawn in a whole host of new fans. But who exactly is this streamer on the rise? 

The past year has been a lucrative one for streamers of every category, with Minecraft creators like Dream experiencing unprecedented stats, the Among Us craze launching Corpse Husband to internet fame, and VR streamers such CodeMiko going viral on Twitch.

One such creator to experience a steep rise in popularity on Twitch in particular is Sydeon. The 23-year-old streamer was originally from Seattle but currently lives in LA, pursuing streaming full-time, also having done a variety of modeling work.

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Sydeon poses in red paint and hornsInstagram: Sydeon
Sydeon has garnered attention for her fantastic costume skills.

The streamer currently has just under 150,000 followers on Twitch, with a further 80,000 on her main Instagram account where she posts a range of pictures from her daily life, along with her popular cosplays. She also often collaborates with her friends and roommates QuarterJade and iGumdrop.

What does the name ‘Sydeon’ mean?

Originally Sydney’s online alias was the name Neytiri from Disney’s Avatar movie, but she revealed on Twitter that she was finding it hard to brand around that name and found herself competing with search results relating to the film, so opted for a name change back in November 2020.

She explained that the new name Sydeon came from a blend of her preferred name ‘Syd’ and the Pokemon Umbreon, leading to a more distinct name that seems to have got her noticed more than ever.

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Sydeon growing in popularity on Twitch

Sydeon has dipped into a variety of different content on Twitch for her 150k followers, including playing games like Valorant and Among Us. She is also particularly popular for her Minecraft content.

Additionally, she’s also recently been playing on the hugely popular OfflineTV Rust server, in which she has been participating in the roleplay focused ‘Divide Server’ alongside a huge variety of other streamers who are also joining in on the new streaming phenomenon.

Sydeon impressing fans with flawless cosplays

Sydeon consistently gets thousands of likes on her cosplays – and for good reason. Her attention to detail and precise makeup skills have produced some amazing recreations of characters from pop culture.

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She has posted multiple Cyberpunk 2077 cosplays after its release and has also cosplayed characters from things like League of legends, Apex Legends, My Hero Academia and more.


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The range of different sources and her increasing abilities has got cosplay fans along with casual fans paying close attention to Sydeon’s Instagram where she posts a lot of her costume-related content.

Sydeon has also recently started up a photography account by the name of ‘squideon.’ While it doesn’t have much content on there currently due to it being very new, if her cosplay is anything to go by, this account will definitely be something fans will want to keep an eye on.

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Sydeon is garnering more popularity by the day, and her rebrand certainly seems to have got even people more interested in her content, with more exciting content sure to come from this streamer on the rise.