What happened to Cameron Robbins? Teen goes missing after falling off boat

Connor Bennett
Cameron Robbins in graudation attire side-by-side with video of man in water

A video of a teen going overboard in the Bahamas has been circulating online, with social media users being shocked at his disappearance. Here’s what we know about the Cameron Robbins video. 

If there’s anything that gets the internet going and up in a frenzy, it’s certainly a slightly mysterious video where the outcome or reason for something is unknown. 

We’ve seen in the past few months with TikTokers trying to dig into what happened with Andrew Dawson after he vanished out of the blue. It also happened again with Cameron Robbins after the 18-year-old was seen overboard and stuck in some water during a late-night boating cruise. 

The video of Robbins being stuck in the water has gone viral across Twitter and TikTok since May 26, with plenty of users coming to their own conclusions about it. Though, there have been some updates. 

What happened to Cameron Robbins in viral video?

As noted, Robbins can be seen out in the water in the Bahamas while some of his friends video him from on the boat. Though, with it being dark, it doesn’t take long before he disappears out of view. 

WBRZ in New Orleans reported that the search had been ongoing since May 25, with the US Coast Guard and Royal Bahamas Defence Force searching an area of around 325 square miles. On May 27, the Coast Guard concluded their part in the search, sending their condolences to Robbins’ family and friends.

His family had also traveled to Nassau in the Bahamas during the search, but have also since returned to Louisiana. “In this time of grief we thank our family, friends, and well-wishers for granting us the privacy we need to properly remember our son and mourn his loss,” they said, indicating that Robbins had passed. 

As to why he was in the water, WAFB in Louisana reported that Robbins had jumped into the water as part of a dare from friends. 

Some theories have popped up online suggesting that a shark can be seen in the video. However, there are others who aren’t too sure about that, suggesting the outline is created from a life preserver being tossed his way.

Others have stated that he was likely swept away by the late-night current, the strength of which likely caused things to happen so quickly. 

If there are any updates to the story, we’ll have more on this page as and when they happen.

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