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What does ‘Pushing P’ mean on TikTok? Gunna explains viral phrase

Published: 19/Jan/2022 0:08 Updated: 19/Jan/2022 0:38

by Virginia Glaze


Rapper ‘Gunna’ has explained the meaning behind the viral phrase ‘Pushing P,’ which has made its way all across social media and especially TikTok.

Atlanta-based rapper ‘Gunna’ released his single ‘pushin P’ alongside fellow artists Future and Young Thug earlier this month.

The song quickly went viral and is now a hot trend over on TikTok. Even the song’s lyrics are getting posted in Tweets and Instagram stories all over the net.

Those who frequent social media have likely seen the phrase ‘Pushin P’ all over their timelines, usually used with the capital, bright-blue P emoji.

For those out of the loop, this new trend can seem like a pretty confusing one. Luckily, the artist behind the viral song has explained the meaning behind the lyrics to his song.


Meaning of Pushin P

While the phrase ‘Pushin P’ has been used in the Texas and Bay areas for some time now, it’s just now begun to take over users’ For You Pages.

Gunna explained what Pushin P means over on Twitter, after claiming that the letter ‘P’ stands for ‘player’ during an episode of the Breakfast Club.

Pushing P essentially means to ‘keep it real,’ and is generally a positive term.

“Being Loyal Is definitely P,” he wrote.

“Jumpin in a person beef or situation when u dk wats goin on, Not 🅿️,” he clarified.

Gunna tweet explanations
Twitter: 1GunnaGunna
Gunna created a slew of Tweets explaining what ‘Pushin P’ means.

He went on to further explain the term in an Instagram Live stream.


“F**kin’ your partner’s main b**h, that ain’t P,” he explained.

“You see a lady at the door, you hold the door for the lady bro, that’s P. We pushing P, you feel me? I ain’t too tough, arguing with my partner about no money like, we ain’t going back and forth. That ain’t P.”

‘P’ doesn’t only mean ‘player’ though — it can also mean ‘paper,’ depending on how one uses the term.

Pushin P has become so viral that it’s spawned a slew of hilarious memes and trends over on TikTok. The #pushinP hashtag has amassed millions of views, with Gunna even replying to people’s TikToks to grade how accurately they use the term.


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@theofficial__dj pushing p🅿️ #pushin #🅿️ #pushin🅿️ ♬ Drive you pt2 by retroj – CK

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