What are “Pizza Eggs” on TikTok? New food trend explained

André González Rodríguez
Pizza Egg

Are you wanting to have eggs for breakfast but keep thinking about that leftover pizza in the fridge? Well, this new Pizza Eggs trend on TikTok has you covered. Here’s what it is and where it came from.

Whether you’re reheating the leftover slice in the fridge you’ve been eyeing all night long or just straight up eat it out of the box in the morning, oddly enough, pizza has become one of the most convenient forms of breakfast.

The ease and convenience of just either taking a few extra minutes or consuming it outright can’t be beaten. However, sometimes, on top of that slice, you’re craving eggs, and suddenly are put in a predicament — do I eat pizza or do I eat eggs? Well, with this new viral food trend, you can have both.

Pizza Eggs Unsplash
A pizza slice can sometimes hit the spot in the morning.

What is the Pizza Eggs trend on TikTok?

This Pizza Eggs trend on TikTok might sound a bit strange, but we can assure you it’s anything but. It’s not the quintessential slapping of a few eggs on a pizza as a topping — be it scrambled or poached — and calling it a day. Nor is it somehow taking a slice a shaping it into an egg to form a hearty breakfast.

Instead, it’s one of the best ways to take the positives in a leftover pizza and adding in the proteins of an egg, creating a cheesy, fluffy, saucy bake to help you kickstart the day.

How to make Pizza Eggs

Thanks to TikTok user Shay Spence, the self-described “professional eater and traveler” showcased how to make Pizza Eggs.

First of all, you take your pizza slices and chop them up into small cubes before adding them to your skillet of choice. You follow that up by adding a few notable drops of spaghetti sauce into the pan, stirring the pizza cubes until they are equally coated. Then take two eggs and throw them in a blender so they get nice and soft, before adding them to the skillet, and voilà. The end result is eggs littered with pizza toppings, cheese, and sauce.

Just like any food dish or recipe, by nature, this recipe is open to variation, and inspiration can be found just by searching through the related tags on TikTok. One user by the name of foodiefriendamanda takes it up a notch by adding a bit of spice to it, throwing in jalapenos in.

Alternatively, you can go the pizzaless Pizza Eggs route such as content creator Elyse Myers who decided to not include pizza, but instead, prepared her eggs with pre-cooked chicken, pepperoni, and red pepper. Not only did it still involve the eggs, but it also had that familiar pizza taste.

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