Viral TikTok Grandma lays out rules for her funeral and the internet is obsessed

Sam Comrie
an image of tiktok user grandma droniak

TikTok user Grandma Droniak has gone viral for addressing some key rules that she’d like attendees of her funeral to abide by, with many users becoming obsessed with her laid-back approach. 

Talking about plans for our eventual passing on isn’t a comfortable subject for anyone, but one TikToker has captured viewers around the world for making the situation far less upsetting.

Grandma Droniak has over 3.2 million followers on TikTok, with all of them becoming obsessed with Droniak’s simple set of rules for her own funeral.

As the clip goes viral, more TikTok users are asking questions and wondering just why does Droniak have beef with a woman called Bertha?

AN image of grandma droniak
Grandma Droniak and her grandson Kevin have made countless vlogs discussing life itself.

Grandma Droniak doesn’t want Bertha at her funeral

Outside of uploading vlogs with her grandson Kevin, Grandma Droniak has a loving TikTok following that are going crazy over Droniak’s funeral rules. Stating in the caption “it won’t be any time soon but don’t forget,” Droniak laid down her straightforward wishes: “These are my rules for my funeral, listen up. You could cry but don’t cry too much. Don’t make a fool of yourself.”

“Bertha is not invited! Don’t let her in. And you better get drunk afterwards, take a shot for me!” added Droniak.

Droniak’s wishes are causing a hilarious stir in the comments, with some users asking whether they be “drunk during” the funeral, prompting Droniak to say nothing more than “sure.”

However, it is the mysterious nature of Bertha’s banishment from the funeral that has TikTok users begging for more context.

Many users have asked Droniak for a “story time,” in which she could explain just where her beef for Bertha began.

Commenter SchubyDoobert said: “if Bertha turns up, there will be two funerals.” Even the official DuoLingo account, out of nowhere, commented: “justice for Bertha.”

It’s an intriguing mystery that Grandma Droniak has yet to clear up. We’ll be waiting for the next chapter of the Bertha saga.

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