W by Jake Paul hands on: Smells like victory

Dylan Horetski
Jake Paul W brand

Jake Paul released his men’s care line, ‘W by Jake Paul,’ to the world on June 12, 2024, and I quickly headed to Walmart to get ahold of the product.

It’s not very often that influencers release a product that’s readily available for purchase, so when Jake Paul said in his reveal tweet that it was in-stock at Walmart, I was excited.

The website showed that all products and scents were available, so I went to check it out. I expected to find the products sitting on a shelf with the rest of the bodywash and deodorant, but instead, Jake managed to come out with a bang.

My store featured a giant black and yellow cardboard end-cap with a picture of Jake Paul holding a trophy with an American flag draped across his shoulders. Below the photo was the product, with each item neatly separated by scent.

w by jake paul

I grabbed one of each product to try out for myself and made sure to get one of each scent: Deep Woods body wash, ‘W original’ Body Spray and Fresh Ice deodorant.

All three scents are basic fragrances aimed at men, but there’s no reason women can’t use these products, too. Deep Woods has a wonderful, light, earthy sandalwood smell, while Fresh Ice is citrussy – W says its scent is orange and lemon, among a few other things – and ‘W Original’ is a mix of lemon, green apple, and mint.

None of the fragrances are too strong, but they’re not weak, by any means. You can smell nearly every ingredient in waves. One whiff of W Original may give you heavy mint vibes, while another brings out the Lemon and Green Apple.

W’s deodorant stick is your typical white antiperspirant and deodorant combo, which goes on easily. After wearing it for a couple of days, I can confidently say that it hasn’t stained my clothes at all, and I did notice a difference in my sweat during my hour-long karate class.

jake paul holding w brand

The body spray is also pretty great, simply because its non-aerosol design doesn’t give off that same overwhelming, asthma-inducing scent you get from many other brands in its category. It’s not something I’m going to find myself wanting to use every day, but it’s the type of product that’s super valuable to have in your gym bag.

I picked up the body wash in W’s deep woods scent and absolutely love it. The fragrance is just right, and the formula that Jake’s company used for it left my skin hydrated and feeling good.

Jake Paul managed to launch this brand with fairly accessible prices, as well. The stick of deodorant and body spray is available for just $6.97, while the body wash is a dollar more at $7.97. This comes right at the same price as the Dove I’ve been buying for years, and is several dollars cheaper than the likes of Dr Squatch and even Barstool Sports’ brand ‘Would.’

jake paul products

The influencer says he plans on expanding the line to include shampoo and conditioner, bar soap, face wash, and more in the near future – and I’m excited to check it out when that happens.

After trying out W for a few days, I’m confident that Jake’s new brand is going to be wildly successful as it continues to catch on with his fan base and curious buyers who come across the product.